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Edinburgh Repository Fringe

Edinburgh, Scotland

A two-day workshop at the University of Edinburgh

July 31 - August 1, 2008 


An invitation to all repository researchers, managers, administrators, developers and onlookers: come and join in Edinburgh's newest and entirely unofficial festival!

  • brainstorm new and emerging repository issues
  • generate new ideas, new perspectives, new ways forward and new solutions
  • show off some new project results
  • meet up with repository managers, administrators, librarians and developers

Research data, social networking, bibliographic services or desktop integration? Whatever your interest and problems, come and run a discussion, kickstart some activity or work on a demonstration.

Programme Info

  • The Plan - view the evolving schedule and how we think this is going to work
  • The Sessions - this is where you sign up for various types of performance

Keynote and Plenary


  • Contacts - Email enquiries, programme chairs, organising committee.
  • Accommodation and Travel - how do we get there and where shall we stay? where is the venue?
  • Bulletin Board - Let us know if you're going to be blogging or twittering the event. Leave a message for other conference-goers. Reserve the smallish Carstairs Room for a private meeting or public sideshow.

Propaganda and Links

  • Blog entries about the event are being gathered on the Bulletin Board page.
  • Check out the inspiration for this event, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 3-25 August. (Two-for-one preview tickets will be available for some shows in the week preceding the opening on Fringe Sunday.)
  • Can't decide what to see? Try narrowing your choices at [the Pleasance], which is the University student union (10 minute walk from Old College venue) with a wide range of comedy, music and theatre events and a busy beer garden in the courtyard.
  • Another great University-based Fringe venue is the [Fabulous Spiegeltent], in the George Square gardens near the Main Library. Book a ticket or just relax and enjoy the beer and ambience outside the tent.
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