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Reclassifying the Repositories

"The Problem" is very simple, at least for the manager of a fringe dweller's network. Simply, our National (teaching) institution's networks are not constructed to be relevant to a fringe dweller in an online world. Those lofty and hallowed halls were great until that naughty boy, Tim Berners Lee, officiated a marriage between an elderly Internet(worked) gentleman and an exhuberant hyper(text) girl. The wwworldly marriage led to their daughters, Pandora and the girls,being let out of every box, and onto every network.

Now we just drown in their stacks.

All the time those young girls rush around libraries with all forms of (replicated) media, be they text, graphics, audible or visual, in real time or in the past. "They must be satisfied, and immediately" she cries; not noticing her clients are now doing the same as her, running between silent silos, which are inflating rapidly as texts are supplemented with videos.

I want a Single Sign On. Nothing flash, just a simple exeact, which would allow me to make an entry like this without another registration being necessary. That's the trouble you know. If I can't use my own lifelong learning account, then i get huffy and take my bat and ball somewhere else.

More importantly than that, I want a fringe dweller who will help me classify an address in cyberspace one I can use for my national groups and global group; my communities of practice. i don't want National institutional repositories. We fringers are learning about how we can get to tommorrow, not believing that one small institution, in one small country, holds anything but a unique local perspective about yesterday.

Can I just put these two up. They are my responses to a conference of network engineers in Brisbane last week. If you want to register to see what you missed over on the questnet site, and say a few words, that would be great!

I don't want a whole bunch of information any more. what i want is some librarian who will give this page a six digit dewey number. You see, a minute before this archive was produced, when I clicked on "click here", I was watching the speaker live. So if you can give me a number to classify this page, i might use it as my "broadcast ID" number on the domain.

Not much of a challenge for a fringe dweller, is it?

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