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Ben O'Steen & Sally Rumsey

Abstract: Institutional repositories have come a long way since they went on general release early this century and they have been subject to a rapidly changing landscape and numerous challenges in their brief existence. These include exponentially growing remits and scope, unremitting technical developments, a wide range of users with an equally wide range of expectations (ranging from the predictable to the frankly impossible), user disinterest and apathy, together with a whole host of disparate influences that affect repository development and content. We'll be taking a sneak preview at what we think will be the A-list stars of future repositories both in terms of blockbuster technical developments and of the cultural drivers behind them. We're mainly familiar with repositories aimed at the research community in higher education, but the developments we'll talk about are relevant to anyone, anywhere, involved with digital repositories

About the speakers: Ben and Sally work for Oxford University Library Services, developing the Oxford University Research Archive.

  • Ben is a repository developer. He's been a member of the CRIG, winner of the Open Repositories 2008 challenge, and instrumental in the Dev8D event. Ben was also part of the CRIG Roadshow, that toured the United States of America.
  • Sally is a repository manager. She has been involved in a number of JISC-funded projects: DataShare, BID (Bridging the Interoperability Divide), OARS (Open Access Repository System), and PRESERV2. Her book How to find information: a guide for researchers is published by the Open University Press.

Ben and Sally collaborated to write [OAI-ORE, PRESERV2 and Digital Preservation] (published in ARIADNE, October 2008)

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